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Faith in Chaos

this picture I feel does not show timeliness at this certain date. I do believe that this photo is elevent becuase there are still people in the world that suffer from being blind.i do nnot belive that this ohotographer was bias becuase he was just telling the truth. this story does to me tell a strong dark story.

Fans in a Flashbulb

Pep Bonet, Kinny Mattia tries to feel the morning light. “Milton Margai” is the only school for the blind in Sierra Leone. Approx. 85 children, 4 to 18 yrs old, study and live here. In 1998, when RUF-rebels attacked Freetown, the school had to be evacuated. In 1999 it was bombed. Some of the children lost their sight because they were brutalised by the rebels. Early dawn, June 15, 2002 (2012.27.1)

Pep Bonet, Kinny Mattia plays the piano. Milton Margai School for the Blind. Children learn to play music: drums, piano, flute, and they learn singing. As street musicians, some children could make a small living for themselves, April 15, 2002 (2012.27.2)

Pep Bonet, A player kicking the ball during the game. War amputees soccer team. This soccer team was established in February 2001 and is made up of 22 players, all residents of Murray Town Camp for…

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Thoughts on news, feature and editorial writing

There are three different types of journalistic writing which are news, feature and editorial writing. News has timeliness and presents factual information. It has no opinion included or conclusions. Feature also presents factual information and can be with ir witrh out timeliness. Feature from what i have learned focuses on people and activities of intrest, not always to specific events. Last but not least editorial writing dies have timeliness; it is lso very opinionated even though it is factual. News would normally be used to explain drastic current events or just factual things to keep people up to date. Feature would normally be used as a bibliography of your self or a biography of someone else. Editorial writing would most likely be founded in magazines. One positive aspect of news is that it is lways factual, on the other hand one negative thing about that is it has no feeling.Something positive about feature is it explains the person thourghly the negative thing is you might find out something you didnt want to know about that someone or something. Editorial can be negative because it is very opinionated andyou might not like what it says. On the other hand it can be positive because if you like the story they are favoring, you would agree.